At The San Mateo County School Farm, we create memorable opportunities for students to be immersed in nature and cultivate a connection to fresh fruits and vegetables through planting, harvesting, cooking and preparing produce directly from the field.  

The San Mateo County School Farm is an outdoor experiential learning space and market farm operated by The HEAL Project. We teach Kindergarten-12th grade students where their food comes from and why it matters.

Visitors to the farm are offered the opportunity to explore our fields and surrounding hiking trails in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Through our various farm based programs, we weave science backed lessons with hands-on learning, creating an outdoor educational environment that fosters curiosity, a love of fresh food, and respect for our natural world.

The HEAL Project has been operating the San Mateo County School Farm since 2010 in conjunction with the San Mateo County Health System on land provided by Dave Lea of Cabrillo Farms. Thank you to Dave Lea and Cabrillo Farms for their continued contributions, support, and advice as our farms grow together.  


Farmers' Market


From May through December you can find our produce at the Coastside Farmers’ Market in Half Moon Bay. If you’re interested in purchasing produce from the farm email for more information. 

Graduates of the Intensive Garden Program are eligible to participate in our Junior Marketeer program. Students will continue learning about health, environment, and agriculture through lending a hand at THP’s Farmers' Market booth!

I love going to the HMB Farmers Market and buying locally grown ingredients that are grown by the children in The HEAL Project. Their faces come alive when you ask them about the produce they are selling that day and what will be coming up in the next few weeks.
— Christine Mendonca, Donor

Visiting The Farm

Farm Parking: 300 Bridgeport Dr., Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 (Public Park)

Farm: 500 Bridgeport Dr., Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 (End of Bridgeport Dr.) 


Please park at the public park located at 300 Bridgeport Dr. in Half Moon Bay and walk 0.2 miles north to the farm's main entrance. 

Traveling from Half Moon Bay

• Travel north on Highway 1 for 4 miles

• After stoplight at Capistrano Rd, turn RIGHT onto Coral Reef Ave

• Turn left onto Bridgeport Drive

• Continue 1⁄2 mile to public park on right side of Bridgeport. Park in front of the public park and walk 0.2 miles north to the farm's main entrance. 

Questions? Contact Us at 650-533-9685 or