The HEAL Project is looking to inspire students of all ages!

Join our team as an intern and learn valuable skills that will help you go on and create your own environmental programs, work in sustainable agriculture, or operate non-profit agencies. Internships with The HEAL Project are offered seasonally and can be customized to enhance your interests, talents, or school curriculum.

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The minimum time commitment for a successful Service Internship is 120 hours and the duration varies by placement. Typically internships are under 6 months and part-time; full semester commitment is preferred. Service internships are unpaid and are only open to students currently tied to an academic institution.

To apply email with your resume and area of interest.

Intern Reflections

Ellery Rourke

Summer 2018


Coming into this internship after my first year of college, I was unsure which direction I wanted to go with sustainable agriculture. Being an environmental studies major and women’s & gender studies minor, I was really interested in exploring the intersection of farming and social outreach, and The HEAL Project gave me this ability. I am so grateful for how much diverse career exploration I was provided. I had the opportunity to dive into farm-based curriculum development, along with NGO management, organic farming practices, and bee-keeping. Although I worked primarily with the Farm Programs Manager, the entire HEAL staff has supported me throughout my internship, offering their individual expertise and advice about developing a career in agriculture and non-profit work. Because The HEAL Project extends such a wide array of education-focused opportunities in the community for children and adults alike, I never felt limited to just one area of professional development.

As an environmental education intern, I got to play like a kid while strengthening my ability to facilitate lessons. Whether it be cooking Aloo-Gobi, building fairy homes, or looking at compost through microscopes, I learned just as much as my campers. I appreciate how much curiosity and wonder is encouraged at HEAL camp, and have learned a lot about my own educational values for children. Working with The HEAL Project is an equally humbling and uplifting experience in charming Half Moon Bay.

Meghan (1).jpg

Meghan Walsh 

Summer 2017

Working for The Heal Project was an incredible experience. My internship allowed me to express my passion with photography and video editing, as well as learn a numerous amount of new skills in marketing, database management, and of course working with kids! I had the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and learn all about how THP operates and I was able to bring in my skill set to benefit them in multiple ways. My experience with them was incredible. I worked with a group of amazing people, expanded my knowledge with important life skills, and I was able to work in beautiful Half Moon Bay!

I benefited from this internship simply by having the opportunity to help out with workloads in the office, impacting children’s lives, and expanding my skill set with photography and videography. I learned a lot about Excel, which was super helpful when I took my finance class in college, and I learned more about myself in terms of what kinds of things I like to do an the opportunities I like to take.

A year after my time with THP, I am now working at a similar non-profit in Keystone, Colorado called the Keystone Science School. It is a summer camp that impacts thousands of kids through science, adventure, and fun. My position is the media specialist. I take all the photos and videos taken throughout the week of each camp and put them together for a video for the parents to see. I love working here. Keystone Science School is where I see THP in their future as they continue to grow and impact kids lives. It makes me really excited! I loved working for THP and I am very excited to see what the future holds for this amazing company!



Liz Aldridge

Fall 2017

As a part of my Dietetic Internship with San Francisco State University, I was fortunate to spend several weeks last November as an intern with The HEAL Project. Interning at THP was an educational and rewarding experience. A few highlights include getting to develop and lead several cooking activities for Harvest Camp, compiling seasonal recipes featuring ingredients grown on the farm, and observing the amazing HEAL Project teachers and educators in action. Each one has their own unique teaching style, and I learned so much from each of them. I also enjoyed getting my hands dirty and helping out in the field with planting and harvesting for the farmers' market.

Not only did this internship let me experience farm-based education in action, but I also got to develop my skills as an educator, and learn how nutrition education and hands-on food systems education can be intertwined. I completed the last rotation of my program this June, and I am currently studying for the Registered Dietitian exam and working remotely for an R.D. part-time. I am excited to see where my next steps will lead!