Farm Field Trip Program Menu

Select a program from the menu that best fits your need and use your school’s percentage of students who are eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch (%FRL) to determine your fee tier. All prices are for one standard sized class. Chaperones and aids are free of charge.

Fee Tiers:

  • Tier 1: 71-100% FRL

  • Tier 2: 21-70% FRL

  • Tier 3: 0-20% FRL, Independent Schools

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The Full Farm Experience

Your class will plant and harvest the fruits of their labor on these coordinated farm experiences. Classes will hike, taste, compost, harvest, and learn across both seasons.

Grade Levels: K-12

Hours: 10am-1pm


Fall Harvest Trip

Enjoy a day on the farm with your class during the fall harvest season. Explore the pumpkin patch, save seeds, harvest and prepare a farm fresh healthy snack.

Grade Levels: K-12

Hours: 10am-1pm


Springtime Explorers

Experience the farm coming back to life in the Spring growing season! Dive into our compost pile, explore the flower field, and take a hike in the hills for ocean views.

Grade Levels: K-12

Hours: 10am-1pm


Setting Roots

This shorter morning program allows younger students to explore the farm using all their five senses.

Grade Levels: Preschool- 1

Hours: 10am-12pm